As the mainstream white-bread, podunk, hillbilly electorate in America prepares to ascend a racist, orange spray tanned human shit pile to the presumptive Republican nominee for President – it reminded me of the very real and very fearful prospect that the PT Barnum of the political podium of our times may, in fact, have access to Nuclear weapons one day – it got me thinking… Then I shit my pants in fear. Then a helpful individual reminded me a very informative little video that serves as a great reminder of what it really means to use Nukes as play toys for war mongering politicians and generals.

Anyone who feels that we haven’t suffered through a nuclear war before, should be reminded, we’ve been dropping bombs like Marco Rubio at a stump speech attacking Donald Trump for almost 75 years. While the Japanese are the only people to suffer a direct and devastating hit from these weapons (apart from a few unfortunate South Pacific Islanders, Australian Aborigines and Sub-Saharan nomads, which, c’mon, don’t really count to ‘Ol Whitey’- amirite???) the world has a long love affair of playing with these cataclysmic weapons.¬†And if there was anyone who exemplifies the exact opposite of the kind of temperament you need to have these horrid tools of destruction at their finger tips – it’s the brash bully himself, Trump.

So sit back and enjoy how eager boys with their genocidal toys have always made the world go bang!