Apple has always been an iconic brand wrapped in hypocrisy. On the one hand – everyone loves its products, it’s held up as a champion of American innovation, progress and creativity. It is also a vicious exploiter of cheap labour in China, a blatant tax dodger and giant corporate entity that will stifle competition¬†and shelter is vast wealth – tens of billions in cash without paying its fair share to tax payers. But we all use its products. So, in the true spirit of apathetic western consumerism, we give them a free pass.

The current situation facing Apple – the request from the FBI to gain access to the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters has been met with fierce opposition from the Palo Alto company – claiming its protecting privacy rights of all consumers. The problem is – it’s already taken steps in that direction for China. Because when you’re trying to peddle your wares in the largest consumer market on earth – you’ll happily do a deal with the devil if it means you can sell more shit with your logo on it. Apple likes to pretend it’s taking the high road. But it’s dealings with Beijing – basically allowing it access to all it’s phones and products sold to consumers – is exactly what it’s refusing to do for the FBI. You can’t preach to one government about privacy, while helping lay a foundation for the largest centralized dictatorship on earth to spy on its people with some of the tools you’re refusing to provide to Washington. It’s rotten to the core.