With the low, yet still credible, possibility that America will end up with the President it so richly deserves… either wack-a-doodle Ben Carson or the Angry Orange xenophobe … maybe it’s time to start thinking ahead to what kind of future that will mean. *shudders*

With an endless array of possibilities for how these guys could tank our collective futures, maybe we should examine ways of protecting ourselves instead… cue Dr Evil’s realtor… 


*image via forbes.com*
Thanks to a really great article by Jim Dobson over at Forbes – we can peak inside an old Cold War leftover in the Czech Republic that is being converted to the Trump Towers of underground bomb shelters. It’s called, The Oppidum. When fully completed, the sprawling mansion above and the swanky bunker below will be able to house over a dozen people for up to 10 years in the lap of luxury – without ever having to set foot into the outside world or need to be resupplied. From artificial sunlight to a movie theatre – life underground could be an awesome way to ride out the apocalypse – assuming of course the other people you’re stuck with don’t drive you insane, anyway.