The revelation (that had been common knowledge within the industry) that Volkswagen had been using special software to falsify emissions tests was a sad and sobering reminder – giant corporations can screw people and our planet – at will. Don’t forget, when VW’s president stepped down soon after the scandal broke, the new millionaire German white guy they put in charge afterwards – used to be the head of Porsche, and guess what – Porsche used the bogus emissions software in its vehicles, too. It’s a farce that let VW put over 11 million dirty cars on the road.


What I find most appalling is the fact they can feel so embolden to do it. It’s more telling than the actual scandal itself. The benefit clearly out weighed the risk. Sure, it will cost billions, but the company will survive. (I mean, c’mon, people don’t care anymore Hitler made the ‘People Car’ what it is today) Sure, VW’s marketshare will shrink, but it will remain robust enough to absorb the hit and fluff out again. It’s just like dehydrating something – it’ll be ready for the inevitable infusion of money down the road – Germany’s economy will never allow VW to fold. Don’t forget, since the company was able to grow its customer base by using this environmental trojan horse – even it’s losses will be less than the total growth it achieved – it still wins, even when it loses. It was an easy thing to orchestrate. Since the company could claim the software coding used to cheat emissions was proprietary – so that ensured people outside Volkswagen couldn’t examine it.

Year Global Sales (in millions)[66]
2007 6.2
2008 6.3
2009 6.3
2010 7.2
2011 8.3
2012 9.3
2013 9.7

One of the best places you can find exceptional journalism is Der Spiegel. It has done another great piece on the Volkswagen emissions scandal – this time laying out the relationship between the company, the German Government and the European Union. This is a great example of how politicians and executives use selective apathy, friendship and private interests to lay the foundation and insulate this global environmental disaster.