Finally! FINALLY!!! FINALLY!!!!!!

The New York Times today is reporting the slow progression towards possible prosecution against Exxon Mobile for its criminal deception is finally taking hold. New York States Attorney General is opening a wide reaching investigation into the company – and its climate lies.

I previously wrote about it a couple of weeks ago when some members of Congress from California called for an investigation.

Exxon Mobile, the biggest oil company in the world, hid decades of its own internal research that showed conclusive proof linking climate change and green house gas emissions. While it hid the truth, it ran one of the most effective public disinformation campaigns in history to deny global warming – while reaping billions in tax credits and stealing tax payer money as part of its ruse to fuel political support and public ignorance.


But worst of all, in this pro-corporate climate of ours, was that the company duped investors and shareholders – and THAT (*forehead smack*) seems to be a big motivator in all of this – not really the part about fucking up the planet and our collective future – by screwing us and planet over with its disinformation – it allowed Exxon Mobile to secretly position its billions and billions of dollars in wealth in places where it could pre-emptively seize a foothold in areas that would soon provide new access to oil and gas – BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING! It’s no different than a pedophile buying a home next to where someone’s building a daycare.


Global Warming has taken peoples lives and will continue to take lives and trigger a looming global exodus of climate refugees (potentially tens of millions in the decades to come and hundreds of millions before the century is out). It’s a total calamity – and these bastards deserve to be held accountable.

The upcoming UN Climate Summit in Paris this November will no doubt have this revelation about Exxon Mobile at the forefront – to help illustrate the time for debate was over (last century!). Hopefully, we’re not too late to save our only planet. But it’s going to require the kind of sober second thought no one has been willing to do – yet!