The fur bearing population of the Klondike continues to do battle with those bearded (and one ponytailed) predators – hunting for their precious winter coats.




Episode 3 of Great Wild North / Klondike Trappers shows that the series is beginning to immerse viewers into the cold, dark winter, alongside the trappers. I love that feeling of imagining what it must be like to trudge around in deep snow and the cold, alone in the wilderness. Watching Megan venture into the wild to keep providing for her family while her lame-duck husband, Brain Brian, lays up injured in bed. I will admit the scene with Megan around the fire warming her hands left me wanting more. One of the many problems I have with shows like these is I never get to see enough of what interests me. The editing is fast to move scenes along, but often times the way a show is ‘cut’ just gives a little headline or a burst of sound and then the scenes over. I get the need for pacing, but the moments are sometimes lost when having to shuffle things along they way the show does. My last thought on Megan has to do with the prized Lynx they caught. There is something kind of macabre about a family standing around the frozen, rigored carcase of a dead wildcat, petting it like its a house pet. So strange.


Guy, seems nuts. Every time I look at, Guy, without his hat on, his crazy wild hair poking out in all directions, I can’t help but think he looks like Will Farrell doing this impressionI imagine Guy cackling away in his weird, nasally-voice, laughing, as he skins his furs. And that’s why I like him. That’s the kind of character I’ll never meet going to work at my cruel and laborious day job. It’s why I watch.


I would love to be able to see more with Cor and his dog team. Apart from Disney movies and books, I ve never really learned much about life running a dog team – that isnt involved in professional racing like the Iditarod. TV crew or not, Cor would still be drivin those dogs and I want to see more. Hopefully we will as the series progresses.

Mike and Dave continue to be the vanilla in this TV equivalent of Neapolitan ice-cream. They’re interesting, clearly good at what they do – but still not super interesting as characters go. Nothing like Meg, Guy and Cor. These two seem like the educational interlude within the show. You wont get much drama (although hydroplaning your skidoo across a river is pretty badass), but I do learn while watching, so that helps keep my interest – I like seeing and understanding what’s going on.

One of the nice surprises with this episode was the ‘coming up’ tease at the end – giving us another look at the new trapper that has yet to be introduced with full storylines, Logan. This youthful counter balance to the (mostly) aging fur trappers should give a nice perspective of how the new generation of trappers measures up against the grizzled veterans.

imagesThe show still has me hooked. Hopefully, episode 4 will expand this world even more with the introduction of Logan and help raise the stakes for the other trappers.