YSK: You Should Know…

After the Bush wars laid the foundation for facilitating and enabling the rise of ISIL in the middle east, the Obama administration is putting US troops on the ground in Iraq and into Syria to fight the blood lusting menace head on.




Obama has long proclaimed he didnt want to put troops back in Iraq to fight a larger ground offensive (where the likelihood of casualties is almost inevitable).  But after a weak initial response that only let the problem fester into a de-facto state, bombing a giant sandbox without assets on the ground to engage with these barbarians Рwill only serve to continue further destabilization in the region.




However, what really makes matters worse is the official recognition that Russia and Iran are helping the murderous Assad regime fight ISIS and rebels (backed by the CIA who would likely fight alongside US troops or at least have common interests on the battlefield)… now imagine a world where Russian fighters or Iranian forces engage and kill American troops by *accident* or in the fog of war.