In our bleak, post-asbestos world, where the bitter cold of winters wind rattles through our chilly homes because the miracle insulator has the fatality rate of a close associate of OJ Simpson, there is hope. In a bitter twist of Darwinian irony – it seems ants can now be the foundation of our future homes instead of rotting them to its wicked core.

According to an interesting post by the curious posse at Gizmozdo India – it’s possible that our despot, climate change ravaged future could rebuild itself on the renewable resource you round up at picnics: ANTS.

Large ant colonies have the capacity to work as both a liquid and solid, a viscoelastic like material, meaning its use has endless potential, including self repair.



.. and if your house goes to shit and you’re starving – feel inspired but what this probably drunk sounding, Reg Foggerdy, did… He lived off those crunchy little poppers for several days on the worst outback trip ever!