Like the creatures they hunt, Im snared. Great Wild North / Klondike Trappers is officially on my must watch list. I won’t reveal too much, as American viewers are behind Canadian History Channel viewers. However,….

In a world this beautiful, it’s hard sometimes to remember that this is real. People are doing this. It’s like a bunch of modern day Dick Proenneke’sThe Boy Scout in my loves the idea of being alone oooooor at least with someone who won’t annoy you to the point you end up leaving the bush solo.. *ahem*..


When someone like Meg can beat back winter, animals, the elements and raise a toddler, TV or not, that’s hard goddamn work. My brothers kids are exhausting. Forget having to crap in the woods and not have a frickin’ wolf eat you. Seriously. Imagine that reality every time you go to the john. All while worrying some giant timber wolf, still hungry from eating Liam Neeson, is lurking wanting to amuse bouche your toddler? But, wow. Still, sooooo hypnotic. I can’t get over how beautiful it is. Living at their cabin makes me jealous, as I keep toiling away in the concrete jungle.  It’s almost living in it’s purest form. Just with lots of killing. So there’s that……For viewers behind, all I’ll say about Megan is that she gets tougher just as the winter does, too. It’s fun. However, Im not sure about her husband, Brian. We’ll see…


Cor is growing on me as a character. Im still a little jarred by his whole family situation (?!!), but when he’s out in the wild, I KNOW, this is a guy who will be the last man standing when the zombie apocalypse finally comes for us all. Cor is a survivor and the quintessential Klondike Trapper, from Alaska to the Yukon, I suspect hidden in a few forgotten valleys and around nameless lakes, you ll find a few cabins loaded up with Guys like Cor.


Guy is really bringing the entertainment. This guy, I get the sense, is really the sort of person who probably is best suited where he is – 500 miles from other people. Something tells me Guy is a guy who was born to shit in the woods. I imagine him exhibiting that Crocodile Dundee effect – staring in amazement at the wonderous variety of offerings you encounter with indoor plumbing. 


Mike is my high school Shop teacher on a killing and skinning spree with his buddy Dave, my high school English teacher 🙁 This duo of vanilla and vanilla is still interesting to me, for some bizarre reason. While not particularly engaging, I’m really curious to see what they’re doing. I like learning what’s going on. I want to see the guys setting traps, doing their thing…


… and finally, Bombardier or Ski-Doo or Honda or Tesla, or someone has to build better way of travel that snowmobiles. Those things see like a giant hazard waiting to cost money. They should think smaller, like this crotch busters!!!