The revelations recently that ExxonMobile, the worlds biggest oil company, has been hiding the results of its own internal research – dating back to the 1970’s – that proved global warming was not only man-made, but exacerbated by the burning of fossil fuels is nothing short of criminal. Absolutely fucking criminal. And no one seems to care. NO ONE.

The long and short of it is – Exxons own internal data going back 40 years showed climate change was real. So the company set out to ensure behind the scenes it was positioning its incredible wealth (billions and billions and billions of dollars) and influence with governments in such a way as to double down on its climate change denials. By doing so, it put its chess pieces into place to exploit this environmental and social calamity for huge profits – for decades to come. (Best example is the strategic investments ahead of the anticipated opening of famed northwest passage through northern Canada’s arctic. Knowing global warning would create a longer shipping season, allowing tankers to bypass the Panama canal while also securing new leases for areas not yet ready for drilling)…. Exxon-Mobile was playing game of chess while everyone else was playing checkers. And doing so by repeating billions in tax brakes and investments on the guise climate change wasn’t real and more research had to be done. That is blatant theft, saying nothing for the corporate social responsibility it had to be honest, rather than run a nearly HALF CENTURY campaign of misinformation to con voters, investors and governments.
There was an election this week in Canada. It is one of the worlds biggest energy producers when it comes to oil and gas (in fact, American uses more Canadian oil and gas than from the middle east). Yet – nowhere was this revelation brought to the forefront in any meaningful way. That is an absolutely shameful omission.
Climate change is not only an disaster for the environment, it is also going to killed people. It already has. More people are going to die from increased storms, rising tides, dwindling resources, unmanageable pressure on developing nations, the forced exodus of millions of climate refugees, and on and on and on... and yet. No one cares enough to beat this drum as hard as Tom Brady’s alleged use of under inflated footballs. Can you imagine if the same scrutiny was levelled at this scandal of truly historic proportions?
Truly, as a society, we have become numb to the evils committed around us. There is almost a sense of defeat. We know we are being lied to by big governments and corporations. It has happened so much, we just come to expect it and resign ourselves to being powerless to anything about it. But when you use phrases like that, you can easily find yourself and your opinions dismissed as silly rhetoric. Which is what big media has done – especially national TV networks and their bubble headed anchors and the always oil-friendly, Peter Mansbridge. The LA Times has taken a hard stance on this issue – calling for investigations – something some California Congress members are echoing. Which makes sense – California is ground zero for climate change related disasters in North America. The UK’s Guardian newspaper has also had some excellent coverage, but few others have matched their intensity following this issue.
The upcoming UN Climate Summit in Paris this November will be the only place, I suspect, this issue will be hammered hard – but in the end, will it matter? Are we too late to save our planet? Maybe not. But it’s going to require the kind of sober second thought no one seems ready to do.