This weeks dugout dust up involving players with the Expos Washington Nationals was impressive. A team that was supposed to go all the way, and they did, except it was into the toilet.

It takes balls to take a swipe at a top NL MVP candidate over a perceived lack of ‘hussle’. But Jonathan Papelbon is a major league asshat, baseball fans know it. Teams know it. But he wins, kinda, so that makes it all OK!! The Nationals still owe Pap’s a bucket load of money next year, so being anchored with a festering problem like this will make for an interesting off season… Which for Jon has begun early.

But it also got me thinking about probably the greatest (I’m biased) baseball takedown in modern history. Im talking about the Mr Miyagi inspired, flying foot dropkick of MLB’s inaugural MMA crossover pioneer, former Toronto Blue Jays outfield icon, George Bell!


His dropkick remains my favourite baseball moment… except maybe this one.

*GIF courtesy &  Image courtesy Mop Up Duty*