curmudgeonI have a devil of a time with passwords, and it is getting worse now that I’m over 75. It got me thinking – while I still can..

After WW2, there was a lot of money in Swiss and other bank accounts, placed there by individuals for safekeeping in the prewar years.

OK – so what? Well, the war destroyed a lot of documents. Bank books, receipts, identification, and passports, so that despite claims being made, ownership could not be proven so the money may still be there, or has long ago been forfeited to the government.

Used to be I dealt with a certain Branch and Manager, and Teller, when I was in a business. Now the Branch and staff are gone – there’s a new one, with machines. The phone number is a central answering service, I have a bankcard now and a code number I try to remember. Yes, it is really convenient now getting cash out 24/7, but nobody knows me.

What will happen when I can’t recall the numbers? When the machine swallows my card or freezes it for too many wrong numbers? Or I lose the card? When nobody knows me does the bank or government win?

And if I use an easy to remember code number that’s easily “cracked”, or tell anyone the secret code, any money taken from my account after I lose my card is not insured …..

There are many millions of dollars in Ottawa’s unclaimed bank accounts now.

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