I was worried like everyone else. I’ve watched Jon Stewart since the very beginning, pretty much. I even, sorta, remember when the Daily Show was hosted by Craig Kilborn, and it wasn’t funny, at least for me. Which probably accounts for why I didnt see it. Bill Mahr was funnier at the time and killing it on ABC’s Politically Incorrect, anyway… until that.. incident  … *tugs shirt collar*

Tonight, Trevor Noah took the golden horseshoe from J-Stew and didn’t disappoint. He was funny, sharpe and more than anything, seemed comfortable. He’s a smart guy. His reporter bit about Mars was really funny. But Jon knew the world that he made fun of because he lived in it.  There was a level of intimacy in what he was saying that gave it that much needed layer of credibility. It connected with people, which powered it’s impact. Can an outsider capture that same feeling, without being as grassroots? Does it matter?

It’s funny when he says things. I like his delivery. It’s good content (it freaking should be, many of Jon’s writers stayed on to help ease the transition)… His bits as a correspondent were funny, but not really memorable that had  you instantly thinking – host! But will he fizzle fast? Naw, he’s the real deal.

…I would also argue that Trevor Noah’s debut was also funnier and didn’t seem like it was trying as hard as Stephen Colbert’s.