It has come out Stars Wars crews filming VII & VIII  reportedly damaged a couple of rocks and a bit of masonry at Michael Skellig, including steps from the 8th or 9th century. The same steps where fat Luke Skywalker almost used the force of gravityto turn himself into a hologram for the next movie.



All I can say is thank make-believe god there are some Irish tour guides who do their drinking at night… ’cause it’s a good thing  Paddy O’Luckybastard had a free hand, instead of the usual Guinness tallboy and a molotov cocktail.

One of the best parts of the fix’r’upper story at Michael Skellig is the resident mason on site who can fix it. Which is kiiiind of ironic…. I mean, how typically Irish is that..? Here he is a thousand years later, working on the same wall, the same way, with the same stones some malnurished peasant farmer in the rain did, growing hopelessness and debt, waiting for the next viking hoard to come rampaging through their miserable existence. That’s Irish progress!

I tell you what…I’d push a vulcan down the stairs if it would make this f’ing movie come any faster!