The web is a kaleidoscope of interesting and awful content, (for those new to the internet). Readers note: that’s the kind of brilliant insight you can come to expect from the team of unpaid workers who fuel this inferno of knowledge *sigh* But, every so often i stumble across a story that begs to be shared.

The water crisis in California is well documented and at the forefront of reshaping how urban and industrial consumers use and manage this near-depleted resource.


However, the story that’s caught my attention is all about the revitalization of the 51 mile, 80 kilometre, concrete waterway that snakes through the LA area. A long forgotten and badly abused piece of urban infrastructure, the LA River Revitalization Corp. has commissioned renowned architect (and Canadian born), Frank Gehry, to redesign and overhaul it from end to end. The project, that began shrouded in secrecy, trigged a torrent of reactions from all sides. Many concerned Gehry lacked the proper background for such a huge task, while others felt that made him the perfect choice. I encourage anyone to start with the excellent coverage of the story by the LA Times. It’s certainly one worth following and a story you should know.